UK Family and Settlement visas

In Family and Settlement categories we provided information below that probably can be useful for those who want to apply for family visa as a married partner, unmarried partner or fiancé.

Marriage visa The UK spouse visa would allows the individual's spouse to apply for leave to enter or leave to remain within the UK on the grounds that they are married to someone who has settled status in the UK.

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Unmarried partners visa for an unmarried partner of a British citizen/permanent resident, who has been living with them outside the UK as their unmarried partner for at least four years, to come to the UK with their partner on an unmarried partner visa.

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Fiancé / Fiancée visa UK Fiancé or Fiancée visa allows an individual to bring their fiancée or fiancé into the UK to join them as long as they themselves have a settled status as a British citizen or permanent residence.

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Right of Abode Some Commonwealth citizens also have the right of abode (right to live permanently in the UK without any immigration restrictions).

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Ancestry visa If you are a Commonwealth citizen with a UK-born grandparent you may be entitled to apply for an Ancestry Visa. An ancestry visa allows the applicant to work in the UK in employment or self-employment without restriction.

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ILR - Indefinite leave to remain Indefinite Leave to Remain (also known as settlement or permanent residence) means that you can live and work in the UK without any time limit. It is also a necessary step towards obtaining UK nationality.

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Naturalisation / Citizenship Once you have been in the UK for a period of time and you hold permanent residence you may qualify to apply for naturalisation as a British Citizen.

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